Our doors are always open to the young and old interested in making themselves better men both personally and in the community at large. Within Masonic lodges, all men, regardless of income, race, or religion, are treated as equal. Masonic Lodges... What goes on in Masonic Lodges ? The Lodge is the center of all Masonic activities. When Masons meet to discuss business matters, the lodge is often closed to anyone who is not a 3rd degree Master Mason Many Masonic Lodges use their building specifically for stated meetings, and other functions the lodge members deem worthy. Common uses are fund raisers such as fish fries, open house, special recognition ceremonies, and of course, practice for both the older and the newer Masons. Why are the Masons secretive ? If the Masonic Order is a secret society, someone sure messed up. Freemasonry has to be one of the worst kept secrets in history. Masons wear rings, tie clasps, buttons, pins, etc. in public. The Square & Compass are recognized the world over. Masons hardly keep it a secret that they belong to the local lodge. Ask a Mason if they are one, and they never deny it. In fact, they are usually quite proud of their membership and quickly tell you so. The Lodge buildings are clearly marked on the outside. The address and phone numbers are listed in phone books. If there is a Website, it includes an "Upcoming Events" page. The local lodge activities are often announced in newspapers. Answering machines typically list future lodge activities. Speaking of secrets be sure to peek at our Masonic Resources Center. You can watch Masonic TV Commercials, and Videos. Listen to Audio Podcast or read E Books, and Web Pages. Umm... Not a lot of secrecy with all that public info out there.