Fraternal Excellence since 1885 Founded on the belief in a Supreme Being and tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth… Composed of moral men committed to self-improvement, family values, and community involvement supporting representative government, a free society, and public education Dedicated to perpetual fraternal service Proudly Serving LEBANON Since 1885.

WHAT ISFREEMANSONRY ? :  Freemasonry (or simply, Masonry) is a fraternal order whose basic tenets are brotherly love, relief (philanthropy), and truth. We strive to enjoy the company of our brother Masons, assist them in times of personal trouble, and reinforce essential moral values .....READ MORE

FMs HISTORY : History of the Freemasons: The Freemasons are the oldest and most widely known fraternal organization in the world. Symbolically, the Craft dates back to the days of Solomon and his building of the first temple in Jerusalem. The illustrious roots of the organization date to when its members were operative Masons who built castles and cathedrals throughout Europe in the......READ MORE


FAMOUS FMs : This is a short list of some "Famous FreeMasons". Of course this is not a list of all Famous FreeMasons through the ages....READ MORE


LIVE AS A FREEMASON : Qualities of a Masonic Man:

The essential qualities Masons share in their diverse lives are a belief in a Supreme Being and a desire to strive for:

- fellowship with other Masons

- high moral standards

- kindness in the home



2 BE A FREEMASON :  To Become a Freemason ...

First, you must ask yourself :  Among millions of Masons, not one was lawfully invited to apply for membership. Our code of conduct prevents it. Thus, no faithful Mason can invite you. Any Mason can obtain a Petition for the Degrees of Freemasonry for you .....READ MORE